A Customizable TP-UART Interface

ACTIface block diagramACTIface is an interface to connect a PC to a KNX TP1 (EIB TP) network. It uses a popular ASIC (the TP-UART) to provide a well defined and clean network connection.

There are some other interfaces with a similar design, such as the simple TP-UART interface board. However, ACTIface optionally includes an in-system programmable microcontroller that can be used to improve interfacing with the PC - or even let ACTIface act as a simple standalone KNX device. No batteries (or external power supply) are required! ACTIface is released as open hardware, making it truly customizable.

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ACTIface in an enclosureThis project was done by (in alphabetical order) Andreas Fernbach and Georg Neugschwandtner during their time with the Automation Systems Group at the Vienna University of Technology (the A-Lab site there also has a short project description). They can also be reached via SourceForge (have a look at the SF.net project page).

When contacting the authors, please keep in mind that this is now a spare-time project. We welcome any kind of comments, bug reports, or ideas for improvement - but the time we have to actually fix or improve the design or the firmware is very limited. However, we would really like to at least collect any input that is of public interest on this website (or in the wiki)!