Inside view of ACTIface in an enclosure


The TP-UART IC can be purchased from Opternus Components. For all other components, Farnell order codes are given in the parts lists. We do not specifically endorse Farnell, it is just a convenient way of linking to detailed part specifications and to give an idea about their costs. Both Opternus and Farnell are business to business suppliers.


The schematic and layout drawings can be viewed and modified with Cadsoft EAGLE Light Edition, which is available free of charge. EAGLE version 5.2.0 was used to create them. PDF versions of the schematic drawings and board layouts are included to allow (pre)viewing them without EAGLE installed. CAM files (Gerber/Excellon) are also provided.

The MSP430 firmware can be built and downloaded with TI Code Composer Studio v4 MCU Core Edition (TI Code Composer Essentials v3 Core Edition was used to create it), which is also available free of charge (a JTAG adapter is still required). Other toolchains for the MSP430 are available as well, but the source code may need to be modified to use them. The MSP430F123 specific header file (msp430x12x.h) was not included since it belongs to the build environment (SDK/IDE).